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With the concept of “7 seconds to connect your life with the world”, 7sGood uses digital technology to link new design teams and quality supply chains around the world to provide quality and affordable products for everyone.

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Dare To Shine


HHOGene is an innovative tech brand under HHO, the idea firstly came from the concept of “light”, we hope to generate smart and funny products through continuous research on the digital light with technology and emotional design.

The first generation of HHOGene’s tech product is GPods, which is the world’s first light earbuds with digital control that uses human control of light in a panoramic view of Bluetooth headsets to express unique self and personality.

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O in Love


HHOLOVE is a wholly owned pet brand of HHO, we hope to make the pet feeding and caring more intelligent, smarter and easier through digital technology, to create an easy, healthy, worry-free and lovely pet lifestyle.

HHOLOVE’s Smart Feeder and Automatic Cat Litter Box, through two-way perception of AI technology, provide remote and intelligent control in eating and metabolism scenarios, so that pet families can still take good care of them remotely during work and travel. In the future, HHOLOVE will provide more smart products in various scenarios such as drinking, safety, entertainment, and health to connect pets and people.

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